Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2019 upgraded Bosch Injectors

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These Bosch Injectors a are a direct drop-in replacement for your stock 1.6 ecoboost injectors. 

They offer an oem+ solution for increased fuelling. These injectors are  suitable for power goals 
up to 330WHP on the factory fuel pump, and north of 400 whp with the XDI fuel pump. They are a perfect match
for those running out of headroom on a Hybrid or aftermarket turbo. 

On our Shop fiesta we made 280 whp on our non meth tune with the TPC ff4454 hbrid turbo, and 330whp on our 
Meth Tune. 

Availability:  In stock parts ship within 2 business days, out of stock parts will take approximately 2 weeks. 

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