MK7 GTI & Golf R 2015-2017 Chassis Mounted Splitter/Lip (Multiple Options)

CJM-MK7 GTI-R-Chassis Mounted Splitter
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All sales are final. 

Made in USA - 2 year warranty. 

Please read these product details thoroughly for fitment and installation requirements. This can be completed in a driveway with basic tools. Please review the install sheet and tool list to understand what is involved in the process. Professional install recommended if you are not comfortable removing the front crash bar. 

  • Brackets & rods come in raw aluminum with a clear coating, expect some visible imperfections in the material from the cutting and bending process.
  • Confirmed fit on MK7 GTI & R only (Still verifying if it will fit on mk7.5). 
  • They will not fit with any front mount/twin intercooler.
  • If you are on air ride, do not air-out onto these brackets, they are not designed to support the weight of an entire vehicle. 
  • Speed tested to 125mph.  
  • Requires drilling four 11mm holes in the crash bar for install. 
  • Trimming of the factory splash guard is required (not the bumper). Install sheet can be reviewed here. Splash guard trimming template included. 
  • Brackets are made of 5052 Aluminum, these mount to 6 points of the chassis/crash bar to hold a splitter blade of your choice. 
  • This is a great option to DIY your own blade, or purchase the entire assembly ready to bolt on. 
  • Designed for blades with up to 80mm of stick-out. Rods suggested on blades over 60mm if your car will exceed 100mph to prevent flutter of the front edge (60mm lip doesn't need them). Warranty is void if you use the 80mm blade without front chassis mounted rods. 
  • The brackets and rods are raw aluminum and contain zinc coated steel hardware.
    • If you are in a region that salts the roads in the winter, this will increase the need to clean and maintain each component more frequently. We apply a clear coating called Sharkhide, but it will not last forever, you will need to recoat them over time to If you want to prevent discoloration over time. You can also powdercoat or paint with a rattle can for easier maintenance. 

Each Order includes:

- Top Driver & Passenger side Bracket

- 2x bottom Brackets with pre-installed rivnuts for the lip/blade

- Center support brace with pre-installed rivnuts for the lip/blade

- Flange head bolts and nylock hardware for adjustable height settings

- M10 Flange head bolts and nylock hardware to mount to the Chassis. 

- M10 countersunk hardware to attach a blade to brackets (3/8" or thinner blade)

- Blue medium threadlocker for blade bolts. 

Printed Install Sheet with pictures

Template to trim plastic splash guard 


Add on options (not included):

- Blade - 9mm thick black textured UV resistant plastic with a radiused edge and pre drilled countersunk holes - 40mm, 60mm, 80mm - measured from bumper front edge out.

- Side support rods - Aluminum rods, coated steel heims, stainless hardware. These are strongly recommended for any blade except carbon fiber. 

- Front support rods - Aluminum rods, coated steel heims, stainless hardware. Recommended for blades over 60mm to prevent flutter. (60mm does not need them).

- Drill bit - 11mm step bit & 4mm pilot bit

Weights - 

Bracket assembly with hardware - 7.9 lbs

A pair of rods (front or side) - 13oz

40mm lip/blade - 12lbs

60mm lip/blade - 14lbs

80mm lip/blade - 22lbs


Brackets ship in a 40"x8"x8" box

Blades ship in a 24"x72"x1" box


Disclaimer - Off road use only, not intended to be used on public roads. This product may alter the handling of the vehicle. The buyer is responsible for all modifications made to your car. CJM Industries llc assumes no responsibility or liability as a result from altering your car with our products. This product may not comply with Federal, State, Province, and/or Local laws, ordinances, and regulations. Buyer takes all responsibility to conform to all applicable laws and regulations for road use, especially pertaining to safety. 




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