What is it and how do I get in on this?

  1. Raptor Racing will produce 100 Gift Cards for the purposes of this sale in the following quantities and denominations:
    1. 85 x $20 Gift Cards
    2. 10 x $100 Gift Cards
    3. 4 x $250 Gift Cards
    4. 1 x $500 Gift Card
    5. 1 x $300 Bonus Gift Card to the customers with the highest single purchase clearance order from March 25th to April 25th 2022.
    6. 1 x $2500 BONUS Gift Card  **CONDITIONS BELOW**
  2. Once all gift cards have been handed out you will still be able to purchase the clearance items but will not be receiving any gift cards
  3. In order to receive a Raptor Racing Gift Card during our Annual Tax Refund Clearance Sale you will have to spend a minimum of $299 on Clearance items. Gift cards will ONLY be awarded to website orders, there will be NO gift cards for clearance purchases over the phone/email/in person.
  4. Raptor Racing will insert each gift card in a gift card envelope along with a receipt showing the amount, Raptor Racing staff will not know which denomination will be going out to each customer this way.
  5. Customers will receive:
    1. 1 Gift Card when you spend between $299-$750(pre-tax) on Clearance Items
    2. 3 Gift Cards when you spend between $751-$1500(pre-tax) on Clearance Items
    3. 5 Gift Cards when you spend $1501+(pre-tax) on Clearance items
    4. Gift Card Allowance is cumulative across all orders you make between March 28th to June 1st.  Feel free to ask for clariciations if you plan on placing multiple orders.
    5. Bonus 2 Gift cards if you purchase $500+ on non clearance items on the same order with $750+ in clearance purchases

How do I Redeem my Gift Cards

  1. In Person, simply bring the gift card and redeem in person
  2. On the phone, for phone orders you will have to read out the Gift Card Serial Number
  3. Via the Website:
    1. Place your order as you normally would fully paying for your order
    2. Take a clear picture of the back of your gift card and mail to: sales@raptorracing.com
    3. Raptor Racing staff will confirm the amount on your card and refund your method of payment immediately
    4. If you intend on paying by EMT please contact us first

$2500 Gift Card?? How do I get it

Raptor Racing is starting this Annual Clearance Sale with over 700 items in the clearance section.  Raptor Racing will not be adding any more parts in this section until June 1st. If the total clearance items are below 100 by June 1st Raptor Racing will select one Random customer who participated in the Clearance Sale to win the $2500 Gift Card. This customer will be announced via a Live Social Media Feed at 6pm EST on June 3rd

This means the more people that know about this the better the chances are that someone will be a lucky winner.  We don’t’ have to tell you that sharing this with all your friends takes no effort and you could be our Lucky Winner!!

We need extra help with these vehicles and there will be bonus gift gards for those who's friends buy parts from the below brands:

  • Hyundai
  • Honda/Acura
  • Subaru

Here is how to earn entries for the $2500 Gift Card:

  • Customers who purchase upto $750 in Clearance items will get 1 entry
  • Customers who purchase from $750 to $1500 in Clearance items will get 3 entries
  • Customers who purchase $1500 will get 10 entries
  • You can earn 10 bonus entries by having your friends purchase clearance items from the above 3 manufacturer. To earn simply have them send us an email with their order number and your name and email address. You will earn 10 entries.