HKS 1.2mm 7MGTE Metal Head Gasket - Bead Type

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HKS Metal Head Gaskets have always been considered the "Gold Standard" for all application, especially the 7MGTE.  This gasket is 1.2mm x 86mm Bore and can be used on any 5/6/7M motor whether it's turbo or non turbo.  Always check with your machine shop before you decide on which gasket you will use.

The Performance requirement from Head Gasket.

As the cylinder block and head are not rigid body, when the Head Bolts are tightened, the gap between the surfaces and the surface pressure applied is not even across the whole surface. Moreover, due to combustion pressure and vibration while driving, the conditions are continually changing and the contact surface is being continually beaten. As a result, a good gasket must ensure that contact surface pressure is spread as evenly as possible and also adapt quickly to the ever changing gaps that can appear in the contact surface to maintain a good seal with good pressure.

* Compression ratio is for reference when using a stock cylinder head with stock pistons.


A bead is a type of spring used to maintain surface pressure which is very well suited to head gasket use. The beads are laid out to provide optimum pressure and seal around the combustion chamber. By carefully designing and adjusting the bead shape and heights, precise control of surface pressure is achieved for optimum results. Using a combination of 3 different types of beads allows maximum efficiency and performance.

For best results ensure you pair these with a set of ARP Head Studs.
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